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Securing Maximum Settlements with Unmatched Case Documentation for Auto Injury Claims

We Specialize In The Care Of Auto Accident Injuries

No Co-Pay Needed



We are dedicated to providing top-notch care. Below are steps we take:


Initial Examination 

Conduct a comprehensive assessment to understand the patient's history and the specifics of the auto injury. We then perform a physical examination to identify areas of pain, limitation, and the potential impact on mobility.


Chiropractic Care & Physical Therapy

Utilize chiropractic adjustments to align the spine and reduce pain, alongside physical therapy exercises to strengthen and mobilize the affected areas We then determine the appropriate duration and frequency of sessions based on the severity of the injury.


Order MRIs

If initial assessments and light treatment do not fully ascertain the extent of internal injuries, order MRIs to get a detailed view of bones, joints, and soft tissues. We then analyze MRI results to diagnose specific issues like disc herniations, ligament tears, or other spinal injuries.



Discuss the MRI results with the patient, explaining the findings and their implications on health and recovery.Based on the results, develop a tailored treatment plan that may include further chiropractic care, referrals, or additional diagnostics.


For Pain Management

If pain persists despite initial treatments, incorporate pain management strategies. This could involve more specialized chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, or non-invasive pain relief techniques.


Orthopedic Referral

Should chiropractic treatment and pain management not result in sufficient improvement, consider referring the patient to an orthopedic specialist. We Ensure seamless communication between the chiropractor and the orthopedic specialist to provide comprehensive care focused on recovery.


Follow-Up and Long-Term Care

We schedule regular follow-ups to monitor the patient's progress and make adjustments to the treatment plan as needed. We then provide guidance on activities, ergonomics, and exercises that can aid in long-term recovery and prevent future injuries.


Enhance your client's case outcomes with our specialized chiropractic services, tailored for auto accident injuries. Our expert team collaborates closely with top MRI centers, pain management clinics, orthopedic and neurology clinics, ensuring the best documentation for maximum policy settlements. We provide comprehensive support, from TBI testing to full rehabilitation, making us your ideal partner in securing large settlements efficiently and effectively.

We focus on minimizing pain and maximizing recovery for each patient, employing a multidisciplinary approach that includes physical therapy, pain management, and injury-specific interventions. Our dedicated team works closely with patients to ensure a safe and swift return to everyday activities, prioritizing their health and well-being throughout the recovery process.


All about
Georgia Injury Care

When I decided to become a chiropractor, it was after experiencing the remarkably positive results of chiropractic treatment personally. I knew then that that was the career path I wanted to take. Since then, I’ve been committed to providing the same outstanding results to every patient that walks through our doors. At Georgia Injury Care, we use advanced diagnostic techniques to evaluate your needs accurately and then combine traditional chiropractic methods with the latest technologies to provide you with the most comprehensive and effective treatment.


What are your symptoms? 

Whip Lash
& Neck Pain?

Alleviate the discomfort of whiplash and neck pain with our targeted chiropractic treatments that restore alignment and reduce tension.

Back Pain?

Experience relief from chronic back pain with our expert chiropractic adjustments, designed to realign your spine and improve overall mobility.


Ease muscle strain and enhance recovery through our specialized chiropractic techniques that promote healing and improve flexibility.


What our clients are saying. Check out our Google Reviews!

I've been to many chiropractors but after my last accident, my lawyer sent me directly to Dr. Nick. He said he was the best in town. He was right, he has very gentle hands and a great smile. I like that he used chiropractic and physical therapy to help me heal faster and stop the pain. I'll definitely refer him to my friends.

Tanya Robinson

Dr. Nick is amazing!! I read the comments before I went, and I'm so glad I picked him. He fixed me in less than a month and I've been hurting for at least 15 years!! Incredible!!

Nicole Williams

I have been in pain for 7 or 8 months. My quality of life was starting to get so bad and I was starting to get depressed. Dr. Nick was so professional, kind and is dedicated to wanting to see people heal. After almost 2 weeks I was feeling so much better. I felt like my normal energetic happy self again.




  • How can I request notes
    Please email us your request to There is a turn around time of 1 week.
  • How long does it take us turn around a notes request?
    There is a one week turn around for notes.
  • What should you and the patient expect when working with us?
    Please refer to the services section on our homepage for a full description of the steps we take.
  • Do you accept attorney liens
    Yes we do along with letters of protection (LOP)
  • Will the treatment hurt?
    No! We treat infants as well as seniors.
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